See our outdoor range.... A NEW addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles - The Krakow range....... All deliveries are free on all orders over £69!!...........

Krakow Small Shade Only

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A New addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles is the Krakow range. These two piece candles with straight sided shades and strong moulded glass oil containers can be used indoors or outdoors.
They will work in strong breezes and are elegant in their simplicity.  Order here for replacement shades only.

This is the smallest of the three which is 60mm diameter and 100mm tall .

Also available in ths range are the medium and large sizes.

They can also be used with our 24 hour liquid wax fuel cells, which are very convenient

We ship to France, United Kingdom
With shipment Wick and Wick holder only order for £2.99

Wholesale volume discounts

0 - 10 units @ £3.00 each unit
11 - 20 units @ £2.70 each unit
21 - 35 units @ £2.55 each unit
36 + units @ £2.40 each unit

Price ex vat:£3.00
Price incl vat:£3.60

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