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 Most importantly, Lamp Oil is not very flammable!!  It will not burn without a wick. If a candle is knocked over, the fuel will actually put the flame out.

Secondly, it is important not to drink lamp oil! Lamp Oil can cause serious lung dameage to very small children, under three years of age in particular, so should be kept away from them.

Thirdly, just to be absolutely clear, if you smash a candle, you will not have a fire because the oil will not burn with out the wick. It will not flare or flash!  If the flame does not go out, the wick will continue to burn quietly.  See the videos..

What Happens when you knock a candle over...

Knocking Over an Alpha or Cube Candle With a Spill Resistant Wick...

What happens if the candle does not go out...

Pouring Fuel onto a candle....


Storage of Lamp Oil In your Restaurant


The fuel itself is a very high quality paraffin, and has a flash point of 65 degrees.  This means that it is more difficult to set light to than wine!  It is classed as combustible only, so there should be no special insurance requirements for its storage or transport.  We can supply a COSHH on request.

The fuel carries the Risk Pharase R65 which states the following: Paraffin may cause lung damage if swallowed.  


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