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Clearcraft Oil Candles

Oil Candles for the Home

Chances are you saw one of our beautiful oil candles at one of the many restaurants, pubs or hotels that we supply and wanted to get hold of one for yourself. Well, however you found us, we have a site dedicated to providing with safe and beautifully designed oil candles for the home. 

A range of oil candles designed to enhance your dining experience and entertainment areas. Our range includes:

Rustic Moulded Candles

Rustic Moulded Candles

Very tough oil candles, with a rustic appeal, and refillable like all of our candles

Hand Blown Candles

Hand blown by our craftsmen, in England, these beautful candles are made of Borosilicate glass, (This has the same qualities as Pyrex and will withstand exposure to very hight temperatures).

Candles with Shades

We have a beautiful range of shaded candles, which can be used both indoors an out. The flame is protected from the breeze, for those warm evenings dining al fresco. In addition, the shade is a practical addition, which keeps the flame away from fingers/curtains etc!!

Oil candle sets

A collection of candles that are available in sets

Nylon Church Candles

These Oil Candles are designed to look exactly like a real church style pillar candle, with an ivory coloured nylon casing, concealing a metal fuel container, with a screw in wick fitting and everlasting fibreglass wick.

Fragrance Oil Candles

Just add a few drops of your favourite fragance oil into the well of this unique oil candle and it will fill your room with the scent.

Safety is very important, particularly when dealing with candles and we have done everything possible to make our poducts as safe as possible, meaning you can use them with complete peace of mind..... read more

The design process: When you buy an oil candle from Clearcraft, you're buying something home grown, with over 20 years of thought in it. 20 years of thinking about pumpkins for example... read more

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