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If this is you first visit to our website, below is a list of fantastic reasons to switch from Wax candles to Oil Candles. Running costs are lower, less cleaning required and no visual deteriation are just some of the benefits.

There are several main reasons to switch from Wax Candles to Oil Candles

  • Running costs for an oil candle can be much lower than wax candles, particularly Pillar style candles.  Try our Usage Calculator to compare
  • You will save time and money because you wont be cleaning wax off your tables, floors, tablecloths, soft furninshings etc...
  • Oil candles never lose their appearance, as opposed to wax candles that start to deteriorate the moment you light them
  • There is no waste. You can burn almost every last drop of oil.  You do not have wax left that you cannot burn or have to cut off to continue using a candles
  • People cannot stick things in an oil candle like they tend to when faced with iresistably soft wax
  • The variety of oil candle designs is huge.  View all Oil candles....
  • Lamp Oil comes in ten standard colours and it is easy to change from one colour to another.  Lamp Oil Details.....
  • Spills are easily wiped up, and do not result in a waxy slip hazard if spilt on the floor........

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