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The big thing here is this...CONTINUITY!

Where a candle burns down, quickly looks a mess, has to be constantly supervised and repeatedly replaced to maintain continuity, an oil candle remains constant.

We have our range of Nylon candles that can be used as they are, or we can manufacture glass ones to any size which are either used on their own or inside a container.

We are currently working with the team producing Discovery of Witches 2.  We have manufactured quite small glass oil candles, with glass wick holder for minimum intrusion. I am waiting eagerly to see what the Prop. team come up with, as they are producing a cover for the oil containers to look like a wax candle.

They told me they have had massive problems in the past with wax, and with the mess and constant supervision.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished article!

Other shows we have supplied are Game of Thrones, Fungus the Bogeyman, and also currently, First dates.  I love watching the newly acquainted, hopefully falling under each others spell while a Clearcraft candle flickers gently between them!

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