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A collection of our largest oil candles, that can make a real statement.  Generally between 15 and 25cms tall and varying in diameter from 80 to 100mm.  

Large Oil Candles!

Price ex vat:£29.95
Price incl vat:£35.94
Price ex vat:£24.95
Price incl vat:£29.94
Price ex vat:£19.95
Price incl vat:£23.94
Price ex vat:£64.95
Price incl vat:£77.94
Price ex vat:£16.95
Price incl vat:£20.34
Price ex vat:£14.95
Price incl vat:£17.94
Price ex vat:£39.95
Price incl vat:£47.94
Price ex vat:£23.95
Price incl vat:£28.74
Price ex vat:£79.95
Price incl vat:£95.94
Price ex vat:£27.95
Price incl vat:£33.54
Price ex vat:£22.95
Price incl vat:£27.54
Price ex vat:£17.95
Price incl vat:£21.54
Price ex vat:£64.95
Price incl vat:£77.94

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