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25 Ltr Drum of Clear Lamp Oil

Product Code: clearlampoildrum

Clearcraft Lamp oil is a highly refined, clean, sootless lamp oil available in 10 colours. There are no hidden carriage charges, and you get FREE dispensers with the drum.
25 ltr drum of clear lamp oil
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Lamp Oil - Trade Only Prices

We supply clear lamp oil either in one litre bottles or in a 25litre drum, with our unique pump system included free of charge.  

(Please note that we only send out a pump with your first order unless specifically requested.  Please retain your pump for subsequent drums)

We supply lamp oil in ten standard colours and can also match any colour you wish. Coloured lamp oil is only available in 25litre containers which is due to legal requirements.

In our opinion there is no better way to buy or use lamp oil than with a Clearcraft drum system.

The pump is like a giant ketchup dispenser!  It has a tube attached which fits inside the empty litre bottle we give you which you fill using the pump. This in turn has a filler nozzle which fits right inside the oil candle and with a couple of squeezes, the lamp is filled. It only takes seconds!

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Price ex vat:£94.99
Price incl vat:£99.74
Oil Pump for 25ltr Oil Drum
1litre Bottle with Nozzle for filling oil candles from oil drum
Amber coloured lamp oil
Blue coloured lamp oil
Burgundy coloured lamp oil
Purple coloured lamp oil
Pink coloured lamp oil
Red coloured lamp oil
Turquoise coloured lamp oil
Yellow coloured lamp oil
Clear lamp oil

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