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Many of you may have candelabras that fit wax candles.  These are the worst offenders of all for dripping wax everywhere, for being very expensive to run and for being high maintenance.

A number of restaurants have asked us to make glass candles for them to fit in to their candelabras so that’s exactly what we did.  We have several standard sizes, but we can make them to fit any size candlestick if you give us the measurements.

Making small quantities of handmade candles is of course not cheap, but the money you will save on wax candles, plus the grief you will save, and the cleanliness you will love, will make these worth every penny, and they will quickly pay for themselves.

Our standard diameter is 22mm.  The length can also vary, but the standard is 23cms tall.

Prices begin at £16.95 for minimum order quantities of 20.  We can make smaller quantities, but economies of scale apply!!

Bespoke Glass Dinner Candles

Price ex vat:£19.95
Price incl vat:£23.94

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