See our outdoor range.... A NEW addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles - The Krakow range....... All deliveries are free on all orders over £69!!...........

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If this is you first visit to our website, below is a list of fantastic reasons to switch from Wax candles to Oil Candles. Running costs are lower, less cleaning required and no visual deteriation are just some of the benefits.

For all orders placed for delivery to mainland UK, up to a value of £68 excluding vat, a £10 plus vat shipping fee will be applicable.

For all orders placed that are £69 or over (excluding vat), carriage is free.

You may also select a lower postage charge if your order is for wicks only, which will be £2.99 plus vat.

For orders placed from offshore islands, and from foreign countries, the carriage will be calculated according to what you order and where you are ordering from. It will be displayed once you have entered your order and shipping address.

The chart below covers some of the destinations and charges as an example.  The figures are intended as a guide and may not be exact as calculated in the check out page


Region Weight of Shipment Cost
Western Europe >20kg £15
Eastern Europe >20kg £15
USA >20kg £60
  >10kg £45
Australia >10kg £55
  >20kg £95

Most importantly, Lamp Oil is not very flammable!!  It will not burn without a wick. If a candle is knocked over, the fuel will actually put the flame out.   

“By Switching From Wax Candles To Oil Candles I Saved £581 In One Year

These are the words of Tim Mason at The Stables restaurant in Cheshire.

Ok, Let's give you some basic information about oil candles

Our Oil candles are made of tough borosilicate or moulded soda glass, designed to withstand the rigours of everyday restaurant usage.  They run on lamp oil, a clean burning, sootless and odourless fuel and the candles can be refilled time and again with this fuel.  Think of the oil candle like a candle stick, and the oil like a candle.

There Are many different styles of oil candle, but they all work pretty much the same way.  Read more for a copy of our standard instructions, which also includes assembly instructions for the different designs.

I know I’m talking to many different types of restaurateur, many different producers of fine cuisine, talk one-to-one but I hope that all of you have something in common; that you are passionate about what you do. Also, that you are always looking to improve your customers experience, and create that magic unique selling point.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not as happy with our products and service, as I am certain you will be, be it in the quality of the design, the workmanship, the performance or in any other way, simple place them back in the box and return them to us within 30 days for a full and courteous refund.


Gill Coates
Finance Director

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