Case of 12 x 1 ltr Bottle Lamp Oil

Lamp Oil - Wholesale Only. We sell our Lamp oil in Cases of 12 x 1 litre bottles. Clearcraft Lamp oil is a highly refined, clean, soot less lamp oil.

Product Code: OC1L

Filler bottle with nozzle8

Our clean burning, sootless and odourless lamp oil is supplied in boxes of 12 litres.  We supply a filler nozzle with each box of oil. This nozzle will fit right inside your oil candle and make filling your candles a piece of cake!


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  • Order two or more cases of lamp oil, delivery is free, providing we are making delivery to a business address.  
  • Delivery to a private address incurs £10 carriage charge
  • For orders of one case, a carriage charge of £10 is made.

Due to legal requirements our oil 1 ltr bottles can only contain clear oil

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Units in box: 12