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The short answer to this question is an emphatic yes!

The long answer is that some candles are more suited to certain kinds of restaurants.  Firstly, to get an idea of how strong the candles are, you can look at some videos showing a mini ball candle going through tests of increasing severity....


A mini ball candle dropped from 3 feet

....From 3 feet on to concrete

....dropped down some stairs!

...and from the top of a ladder!


  • Our Oil candles are made of tough borosilicate or moulded soda glass, designed to withstand the rigours of everyday restaurant usage.  
  • Our rustic moulded range is the toughest of all, as those videos illustrate
  • Shaded candles like the stockholm, oslo and La Manga feature a strong rustic moulded candle, which contains the fuel, and a hand blown shade.  You may break a few shades, but the fuel container is mega strong!
  • Our hand blown range is not as strong as the moulded range, but will still comfortably withstand being knocked from a table on to the floor if  the floor is wooden or carpetted.  They may break on slate or stone, whereas the rustic moulded candles will withstand even this rigorous test.


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