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These shades are designed to be used with our new, ultra convenient, disposable Liquid wax fuel cells, also listed below.  We have four shapes with multiple colour options to choose from.  Choose the shades you want, and then buy the right size liquid wax cell.  The Cells are disposable. Once they run out, you just throw them away and put a new one in your shade

Liquid wax cells are disposable plastic containers filled with the same sootless and odourless high quality paraffin that we sell for our refillable candles.

Liquid Wax Candle Holders For 40 hour Fuel Cells

Price ex vat:£11.00
Price incl vat:£13.20
Price ex vat:£4.66
Price incl vat:£5.59

Ottoman Candle Shade

Price ex vat:£8.00
Price incl vat:£9.60
Price ex vat:£4.00
Price incl vat:£4.80
Price ex vat:£2.87
Price incl vat:£3.44
Price ex vat:£4.66
Price incl vat:£5.59

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