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New To Oil Candles?

“By Switching From Wax

Candles To Oil Candles I

Saved £581 In

One Year”

And that's from just 10 tables!

How much could you save?

These are the words of Tim Mason at The Stables restaurant in
That's a heck of a saving, and at the same time, he was able to improve
the look and ambience of his restaurant.

That is the key to not only surviving, but prospering, which follows
in times of growth and recession. Cut your costs but not the quality
of your restaurant.

To find out how you can do the same as Tim and have beautiful
candlelight that's mess free, trouble free, more cost effective than candlesand tea lights, looks ten times better AND lasts the whole night rather

than runs out after a few hours…., read on!!

Also, if you are currently using one of those oil candles that runs on
pre-filled, sealed fuel containers, then I can say with some certainty that
by switching to our system, you will halve your costs overnight.

If you're using tea lights now, which appear to be a cheap source of
candlelight, they might be undermining your efforts, as well as creating a
mess, by giving a cheap impression.
So if there was something that creates a great first impression, the
perfect ambience, a real talking point and can save you money, you'd be
interested wouldn't you?

I thought so.

So I want to help you improve and save.

Have a look at the range on the website to see how they'll transform
any table to create an intimate, warm atmosphere, and read the

If you have any questions about our oil candles I will be happy to
 answer them. For now let me tell you a few things that you may not realise.


Safe, beautiful, strong and economical

The fuel will not burn without a wick. You can drop a match in a drum of oil and it
will go out. The fuel is not even classed as flammable. That means you don’t have
to worry about safety. Secondly, the wicks do not burn. They soak up the oil and the oil
vapour then burns. This means that the wick will last from many months
to many years. Thirdly, there is no residue left inside the lamp so the only
cleaning you have to do is a bit of dusting.

The fuel is very long lasting. Most lamps burn between just 4 and 7ml an hour.
That means just one to one and a half pence per hour. Our oil candles are easily
refilled by removing the wick and pouring in more oil.

The drum we supply comes complete with a free pump to make this job simple.
And re-filling a lamp only takes a few seconds. Finally, the glass we use is mega
strong and our rustic range is virtually unbreakable!

 We can deliver within 48 Hours



If you don’t think that the oil candles you receive will transform your restaurant into
a cleaner, more beautiful, more intimate and safer environment then send
back all the goods and we will refund the money you have spent with us.
That means you can order with complete peace of mind.

Say goodbye to messy wax forever!

On top of all this, you will be dealing with the experts. We only deal in oil candles and oil.
We don't do anything else. My twenty years of experience is at your service from eight
in the morning to eleven at night, because we are ready to work when you do.
Nobody has more experience in this field than we do. Do it now. Transform your restaurant and save money.







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