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Perfect for lighting your outdoor spaces

Outside Oil Candle Range

A New addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles is the Krakow range. These two piece candles with straight sided shades and strong moulded glass oil containers can be used indoors or outdoors. They will work in strong breezes and are elegant in their simplicity.

The Krakow range comprises three sizes.

The smallest of the three is 60mm diameter and 100mm tall and contains a Cell 60 candle, which holds 60ml of fuel and should burn for up to 12 hours between refills
The medium model is 60mm diameter and 120mm high, containing a Cell 100 Stubby oil candle which will burn for up to 20 hours before it beads to be refilled.
Finally, the largest model is also 60mm diameter and 150ml tall, containing a regular Cell 100 candle, which will also burn for up to 20 hours

They go together well as a set or as individual items, and are very reasonably priced, which is often a concern for products used outdoors, which inevitably see a bigger turnover in items that are broken or go missing. Both the outer shades and the oil candles themselves can be bought separately, further reducing costs if replacements are needed.
They can also be used with our 40 hour liquid wax fuel cells, which are very convenient

Outside Dining

Outside Oil Candle Range

Al Fresco outdoor dining season is upon us!

Lamp Oil

Lamp Oil - Wholesale

All our lamp oil is clean burning and suitable for all our oil candles

Oil Candles

Oil Candle Range

We offer an extensive range of glass refillable oil candles for wholesale and trade buyers.

Nylon Church Oil Candles

Nylon Church Candles

Oil-filled church candles are refillable oil candles that look just like wax but are cheap to run and mess free

Wicks and Accessories

Wicks and Accessories

Buy replacement wicks, shades and other accessories

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So, how long do they last and how much do they cost?

Use our oil usage calculator to find out.


We want to show you the perfect way to enhance the ambience of your restaurant in the same way as we have done for, among others, two of the five Asian restaurants with a Michelin star, which are the Tamarind restaurant and Amaya.  In addition to those, we supplied The Painted Heron, voted best restaurant in Chelsea, before they moved on. Hundreds of other restaurants, including some as famous as the River Cafe, use our oil candles and oil lamps on their tables to create the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful dining experience, and you can create that too! All this for as little as a penny an hour running cost!

In a recent survey, it was found that 83 out of 100 people prefer a restaurant with candle light to one without, and we are passionate about giving you the best possible product for your restaurant.

Oil candles, or oil lamps, are beautiful and add a really stylish finish to your tabletop. They are very clean, do not make the mess and waste of traditiional wax candles or t-lights, and they always look as beautiful as when you first light them. They run on highly refined, clean burning lamp oil, which is availabe in nine colours.

If you already use candles, imagine the beauty of natural light, with no more cleaning wax out of glasses, or off tables and candle sticks!!

The oil is very safe and will not burn without a wick. and all of our lamps are tested for strength and stability.

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