We are conducting business as normal...... With outdoor dining and drinking possible from the 12th April, it makes sense to be ready for it! See our outdoor range.... A NEW addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles - The Krakow range....... All deliveries are free on all orders over £69!!...........

Case of 60 x 40 hour Disposable Liquid Wax Cells

Product Code: LW50

Liquid wax cells last 40 hours and now come in a case of 60. Clearcraft Lamp oil is a highly refined, clean, soot less lamp oil. These cells are made of plastic and are disposable. Once finished, you simply light a new one
40 hour Disposable Liquid Wax Cells
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This liquid wax candle is suitable for our New York and Marrakech shades in all colours.  It will burn for 40 hours and is disposable. It cannot be refilled. 


  • Order two or more cases of liquid wax, delivery is free, providing we are making delivery to a business address.  
  • Delivery to a private address incurs £10 carriage charge
  • For orders of one case, a carriage charge of £10 is made. 
Diameter at Largest Point
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
Price ex vat:£66.00
Price incl vat:£79.20

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