We are conducting business as normal...... With outdoor dining and drinking possible from the 12th April, it makes sense to be ready for it! See our outdoor range.... A NEW addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles - The Krakow range....... All deliveries are free on all orders over £69!!...........

Krakow Medium

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A New addition to the Clearcraft collection of oil candles is the Krakow range. These two piece candles with straight sided shades and strong moulded glass oil containers can be used indoors or outdoors.
They will work in strong breezes and are elegant in their simplicity.

This is the medium model which is 60mm diameter and 120mm high, containing a Cell 100 Stubby oil candle which will burn for up to 20 hours before it beads to be refilled.

Also available in ths range are the small and large sizes.

  • The smallest of the three is 60mm diameter and 100mm tall and contains a Cell 60 candle, which holds 60ml of fuel and should burn for up to 12 hours between refills
  • The largest model is 60mm in diameter and 150ml tall, containing a regular Cell 100 candle, which will also burn for up to 20 hours

They go together well as a set or as individual items, and are very reasonably priced, which is often a concern for products used outdoors, which inevitably see a bigger turnover in items that are broken or go missing. Both the outer shades and the oil candles themselves can be bought separately, further reducing costs if replacements are needed.
They can also be used with our 40 hour liquid wax fuel cells, which are very convenient

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