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Oil T-Light cell 60

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Oil T-Light cell 60
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Special Features:

  • Tough moulded refillable fuel cell.
  • Very low running costs. 

This will fit many existing shades or glasses and may be suitable as a much more economical replacement for sealed fuel cells. It can also be used as an oil candle on its own.

Wholesale volume discounts

  • order 11-20 candles for a 10% discount,
  • 21-30 candles for a 15% discount or
  • 36+ candles for a 20% discount!!
Diameter at Largest Point
Time Between Refills
12 Hours
Fuel Capacity
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
Wick Information
Lamp comes complete with wick and wick holder

Wholesale volume discounts

1 - 10 units @ £3.45 each unit
11 - 20 units @ £3.11 each unit
21 - 35 units @ £2.93 each unit
36 + units @ £2.76 each unit

Price ex vat:£3.45
Price incl vat:£4.14
Oil T-Light cell 60
Oil T-Light cell 60 Coloured Lamp Oil
Oil T-Light cell 60 Red Coloured Lamp Oil

Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever you are not as happy with our products and service, as I am certain you will be, be it in the quality of the design, the workmanship, the performance or in any other way, simple place them back in the box and return them to us within 30 days for a full and courteous refund.


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Finance Director

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