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W3 Wick Holder for mini cube, teardrop, ball et al (Pack of 10)

Product Code: W3

Pack of ten aluminium wick holders threaded with 14cm of 2.6mm wick suitable for the following models:
W3 Wick Holder
Wish List - Add/Remove
  • CB9 Ball,
  • CM10 Small Meran,
  • CM115 Medium Meran,
  • CM13 Large Meran,
  • CFH012 Byzantine,
  • CFH005 Brest, 
  • CFH007 Egypt,
  • Cell 100,
  • MB100 Miniball,
  • MC100 Minicube,
  • GI8 Marrakech
We ship to France, United Kingdom
With shipment Wick and Wick holder only order for £2.99
Diameter at Largest Point
Diameter at smallest point
Price Including vat
Price ex vat:£9.50
Price incl vat:£11.40

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