Product Code: NY12

12 INCH and 5 INCH everlasting nylon church oil candles

Nylon Church Oil candles are designed to look just like a traditional wax pillar candle, but one that does not melt or drip or burn down.  The Nylon outer conceals a refillable fuel container.  

These are also fantastic as a feature candle by a fireplace or similar in a pub or a restaurant.  They are very low maintenance and have an everlasting fibreglass wick.

They also have a hole in the bottom so they can fit on candle holders that have a small spike.

Because the running cost of an oil candle is about half the running cost of a regular pillar candle, as well as all the reduced time and effort cleaning up wax, which of course has a cost to it, they will pay for themselves very quickly and you will begin to save money as well as improve the appearance of your candles, with perfect ambience!

Diameter at Largest Point
12 inches
Time Between Refills
60 Hours
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
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Price ex vat£54.00
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Available 7th June