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Nylon Oil Candles

An everlasting alternative to traditional pillar candles

Oil-filled candles meet the requirements of many churches and restaurants. They are free of wax and work in a variety of situations. Oil-filled candles are stress-free, mess-free solutions where damage to linen cloths, altar cloths or carpets might be an issue.
Clearcraft stock a range of 85mm diameter nylon candles which conceal an easily-filled fuel canister.
They run on highly refined smokeless and odourless lamp oil. This has been used by, amongst others, York Minster for many years. 
Because these nylon oil candles cost only 2 pence an hour to run, which is approximately half that of a traditional pillar candle, they will begin to pay for themselves very quickly.  There is no waste, and no time spent cutting and trimming.
Furthermore, these are probably the best priced nylon candles on the market!!
Nylon Oil candles work in exaclty the same way as all of our other oil candles, although they are made of a nylon casing and a metal fuel cannister into which oil can be poured.  In the very large candles, the wick structure screws in, and the wick itself is fibreglass which should require no adjustments and can be lit again and again.  
We now do two ranges.  The larger style are 85mm in diameter, for churches or feature candles on fireplaces, mantels, windows etc.... while the second range, 70mm in diameter are for restaurant and bar tables, and feature a regular cotton wick, designed to maximise the amount of burning time available, coupled with one of our regular glass fuel containers.  
Look on the About Candles Section to find out more about oil candles. 

Church Candles

Price ex vat:£49.95
Price incl vat:£59.94
Price ex vat:£54.00
Price incl vat:£64.80
Price ex vat:£44.95
Price incl vat:£53.94
Price ex vat:£24.95
Price incl vat:£29.94
Price ex vat:£27.50
Price incl vat:£33.00
Price ex vat:£29.95
Price incl vat:£35.94

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