20 Gherkin candles with a Drum of Oil

Product Code: RM0310020OC25L

Beautiful moulded glass Gherkin candle with a very thick glass base in 100ml size  Special Features: Tough moulded refillable fuel cell. Very low running costs. This will fit many existing shades or glasses and may be suitable as a much more economical replacement for sealed fuel cells. It can also be used as an oil candle on its own.

This candle burns 5ml of oil per hour when the wick is set to produce a 2cm high flame.  That represent costs of 1.4p per hour


This Offer Comprices 20 x 100ml Gherkin Oil Candles and a Drum of Oil.  Please specify below what Colour of Oil you require.  THAT'S £149 OF CANDLES AND OIL FOR JUST £109!!  SET UP YOUR RESTAURANT FOR JUST £109!

Diameter at Largest Point
Time Between Refills
20 Hours
Fuel Capacity
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
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Salesprice with discount
Price ex vat£109.00
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Oil Colour