Tokyo 50

Beautiful moulded glass candle with a very thick glass base. Available in 50ml and 100ml sizes

Product Code: RM0250

Tokyo 100ml and 50ml sizes4

Special Features:

  • Tough moulded refillable fuel cell.
  • Very low running costs.

This will fit many existing shades or glasses and may be suitable as a much more economical replacement for sealed fuel cells. Can also be used as an oil candle on its own.

Wholesale volume discounts

  • order 11-20 candles for a 10% discount,
  • 21-30 candles for a 15% discount
  • 36+ candles for a 20% discount!!
Diameter at Largest Point
Time Between Refills
10 Hours
Fuel Capacity
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
Variant price modifier:
Salesprice with discount
Price ex vat£2.99
Price / kg: