Micro Ball

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Micro Ball

The Micro ball, along with the mini cube and mini ball is an extremely popular, durable and good value candle. It is made form thick, strong moulded soda glass, which is heat resistant up to 600 degrees centigrade.  About the size of a golf ball, these are great for small tables, window ledges, mantelpieces and anywhere that you need candle light with none of the mess of wax! 

Special Features:

  • Tough moulded refillable fuel cell.
  • Very low running costs.
  • Very durable and quite weighty. 


Wholesale volume discounts

  • order 11-20 candles for a 10% discount,
  • 21-30 candles for a 15% discount or
  • 36+ candles for a 20% discount!!

Click here to see video of How tough a Mini Ball lamp is

Diameter at Largest Point
Time Between Refills
10 hours
Fuel Capacity
Running Cost (Pence per hour)
Variant price modifier:
Salesprice with discount
Price ex vat£2.99
Price / kg: