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  • £581

    Tim Mason saved this much by switching from wax to oil!

  • 83%

    of your customers would prefer a restaurant with candles to one without

  • £2.95

    Candles start from just £2.95

  • 20%

    Volume discounts available

  • 1.3p

    Oil candles cost from 1.3p per hour to run

  • 1

    working day to deliver orders placed before midday

  • 800

    restaurants that have already switched to our oil candles

  • 10

    different coloured oils to choose from, and we can match any colour that you want in your restaurant.


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“If a boy took me to a restaurant without candles, or one with candles, that would be the difference between having sex or not. If it had candles, there would be sex!” Kathy, Wanstead ..... Read More


Love Candle Light But Hate The Mess And Waste Of Candles?

We want to show you the perfect way to enhance the ambience of your restaurant, in the same way as we have done for, among others, two of the five Asian restaurants with a Michelin star, which are the Tamarind restaurant and Amaya.  In addition to those, we supply The Painted Heron, voted best restaurant in Chelsea. Hundreds of other restaurants, including some as famous as the River Cafe, use our oil candles and oil lamps on their tables to create the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful dining experience, and you can create that too! All this for as little as a penny an hour running cost!

In a recent survey, it was found that 83 out of 100 people prefer a restaurant with candle light to one without, and we are passionate about giving you the best possible product for your restaurant.

Oil candles, or oil lamps, are beautiful and add a really stylish finish to your tabletop. They are very clean, do not make the mess and waste of traditiional wax candles or t-lights, and they always look as beautiful as when you first light them. They run on highly refined, clean burning lamp oil, which is availabe in nine colours.

If you already use candles, imagine the beauty of natural light, with no more cleaning wax out of glasses, or off tables and candle sticks!!

The oil is very safe and will not burn without a wick. all of our lamps are tested for strength and stability.  












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Wax vs Oil

Free Carriage for orders of £69 or more

 For orders of £69 or more (that's like a drum of oil or two boxes of oil for example) carriage is free of charge. For orders smaller than that, there is a £10 carriage charge.

This excludes wick and wick only orders, which incurs a £2.99 carriage charge